Rio Beauty faceLITE2 LED light therapy facial mask, FDA certified
Rio Beauty faceLITE2 LED light therapy facial mask, FDA certified

Rio Beauty faceLITE2 LED light therapy facial mask, FDA certified

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Get to know Rio Beauty's faceLITE LED2 facial mask, which includes moreLEDs, renewed treatment head and an eye protector that can be used as desired.
The LED mask treatment is often mentioned as an alternative to the combination of IPL and laser treatments. The beneficial effects of light have been used in beauty care and medicine for decades, but a comparable LED anti-aging, wrinkle-reducing painless procedure has not yet been available for home use to end consumers!
The LED mask works by combining red and infrared light, which is clinically proven to reduce the appearance of wrinkles by 35% during the 4-week treatment.
The light-rays penetrate into the lower layers of the skin, where they start the production of collagen and elastin, increase cell metabolism, visibly improving the skin's structure, and as a result, the facial skin becomes tighter and fuller.
The mask is designed to perfectly fit any face shape. It is made of ergonomic, flexible silicone material, thus ensuring that the light reaches the face uniformly, increasing efficiency. The size of the face mask is 406mm x 196mm, which can be fixed very easily thanks to the built-in strap. Incorporate the treatment into your daily routine, just 10 minutes, during which you can do your work or watch TV. It is completely painless, relaxing and pleasant. It can be used for all skin types.
The result? A visibly more radiant face!

For whom do we recommend the faceLITE2 face mask?

  • Those who want to fade and disappear their wrinkles and fine lines
  • Those who want to restore the brightness of their skin
  • Those who want to make their skin healthier
  • Those who want to get rid of dark circles around the eyes
  • Those who want to make their facial skin tighter and fuller
  • Those who want to reduce large pores

The most important features of the faceLITE2 face mask:

  • latest anti-wrinkle technology
  • DUAL light wavelength 830nm and 633nm
  • due to its ergonomic design, it adapts perfectly to the shape of the face
  • improves skin elasticity
  • quick treatment, only 10 minutes/session
  • hypoallergenic
  • painless
  • can be used for all skin types
  • clinically proven FDA approved technology
  • comfortable, portable, flexible silicone
  • unique battery design, can be used anywhere, anytime
  • combines anti-aging red and infrared light therapy
  • reduces fine lines and wrinkles
  • contributes to correcting the tone and structure of the skin and tightens the skin
The effectiveness of the faceLITE2 face mask has been proven during clinical trials, and it has also been approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA). It can be used safely and effectively on the entire surface of the face, on all skin types.

Light therapy technology:

The faceLITE2 face mask combines red (633nm) and near-infrared (830nm) light.
These two wavelengths get under the skin without any obstacles, where they stimulate natural rejuvenation processes, creating a visibly healthier, more radiant complexion. The LED light accelerates the metabolic processes of cells, starts collagen production, makes the skin of the face and neck tighter and fuller, and wrinkles fade and disappear.
Red light stimulates collagen production, soothes the skin and evens out skin tone.
The near-infrared red light works under the surface of the skin. It penetrates deep into the skin, where it boosts circulation, improves blood flow and thus brings more oxygen to the skin cells.
Use of the light therapy face mask:
In order to achieve the best results, we perform the treatment 3-5 times a week for at least 4 weeks. Maintenance treatments should be performed as needed according to lifestyle and skin condition.

The course of the faceLITE2 treatment:
  1. Cleanse the skin to remove all skin care - make-up.
  2. To put on the mask, pull the strap through the holes on both sides of the mask and fasten it as shown above.
  3. Place the faceLITE on your head and face, adjusting it on the strap if necessary.
  4. Press the on / off button to turn it on. The device switches off automatically after ten minutes. You can stop the treatment at any time by pressing the ON / OFF button.
  5. Remove the mask at the end of the treatment.
  6. Apply your normal moisturizer and sunscreen.
After the treatment, the device switches off automatically after 10 minutes.

Clinically proven results:


Contents of the box:

  • Rio Beauty faceLITE2 light therapy facial mask
  • Charging cable with controller
  • Carrying bag
  • International user guide


In case of normal use of the Rio Beauty faceLITE2 face mask, we provide a 2-year exchange guarantee for defects resulting from normal use. The warranty does not apply to damage resulting from operation other than that described in the user manual, or to the opened device. Please keep the invoice, as the warranty can only be claimed upon presentation of the invoice.
We reserve the right to change the manufacturer without prior notice.
The distributor of the product is Mopa Kft.
© The Dezac Group Ltd 2019


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Dr. Márkus Cintia
2024.01.23. 20:44
Évtizedek pattanás/akné problémáinak fennállása miatt fordultam - a pozitív hazai és nemzetközi tapasztalatok miatt - 30+ éves koromra a LED készülékek és hatásai felé, mert már egyre kevésbé éreztem, hogy bármi más használna. A kedvező ára miatt és mert a Cosmopolitan magazin is ajánlotta, próbát tettem és megvásároltam. Már röviddel az első használat után érezhető, látható a változás, a gyulladások visszahúzódtak vagy a fény hatására sokkal kevésbé alakulnak ki, az arcbőr puhább és tónusosabb lett. Én téves feltételezésnek érzem, hogy a piros LED "csak" ránctalanításra lenne jó, mert az aknékkal szemben is jól teljesít. Aki kezdőként szeretné kitapasztalni a LED fényterápia előnyeit, annak ez a készülék remek nekiindulás. Én örülök, hogy beruháztam rá, a bőröm meghálálta és kb 3 hét használat után jelentős a pozitív változás magamon és ettől a napi hangulatom ez ezerszer jobb!
Király Viktória
2022.11.23. 18:49
Már jó pár kezelésen túl vagyok, fájdalommentes és csak 10 percig tart egy kezeles. Halványultak a foltok az arcomon és frissebnek erzem. Kisebb ráncaim vannak, a honlokomon kifejezetten halványult, remélem hamarosan a többi ránc is el fog tűnni!
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